First Line Revolution CT

LevelFirst Line
Course Length5 days
Course date/sTBD
Cost75,000 SEK/75,000 NOK/60,000 DKK/9,500 EUR (including travel and hotel)
LocationMilwaukee, USA
Course idTT02CT
Number of participantsMinimum 3 - Maximum 4


    Course overview

    This course is customized for customers from the Nordic region. The aim of the course is to give hospital technicians basic knowledge of their CT platforms so they can successfully carry out first-line corrective maintenance on their systems with the help of remote GE support.

    GE’s Firstline training is designed so that participants get an introduction to the structure of the CT system. Participants get a review of the different parts (console, gantry, table, x-ray and PDU) and how they work together. Participants also receive training on how the CT systems are tested and which tests to use for different fault symptoms. Participants also get a review of how to read log files both on the system and remotely. The course is divided into a theoretical part interspersed with a practical part where participants learn how to run the system both as a user (patient scanning) and in service mode.

    • Target audience

      Medical technicians and physisists

    • Prerequisites

      Basic knowledge of computer tomography